Burundi Suspends Major Opposition Party

Burundi’s interior ministry announced the suspension of The National Freedom Council, the main opposition party in the central African country, citing “irregularities” that critics called an attempt to stifle dissent ahead of the 2025 legislative elections.

The ministry said it was responding to complaints by eight leaders from The National Freedom Council, also known as CNL. These leaders were ousted after opposing the party’s president, Agathon Rwasa, in two recent party congresses.”

“All activities organized by irregularly constituted groups are suspended nationwide,” the ministry said, adding “Only meetings aimed at easing tensions within the party are authorized.”

Analysts say that the move announced in a letter released Tuesday by the interior ministry, risks rekindling the political turmoil that has wracked the impoverished Great Lakes nations in recent years.

The party’s secretary general, Simon Bizimungu, told AFP the ruling was a “serious violation of the constitution” and said it was “an attempt to weaken the CNL ahead of the 2025 legislative elections”.

“There is no tension or opposition within the party. It’s just a question of eight opponents without any influence, but who have the backing of public powers,” he said.


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