Benson Idahosa’s Legacy: Thousands around the world celebrate with wife …25 years after his transition

A fearless General whose voice resonated within and outside Nigeria, Archbishop Benson Idahosa (of blessed memory) is also referred to by Charismatic scholars as the Father of Pentecostalism in Nigeria. It is believed by many that the narratives would have been different were he alive in present day Nigeria as he spoke boldly even against the military government of his day.

He was said to have taken the Gospel across 145 Nations in his lifetime and was known for many notable quotes such as “my God is not a poor God”, “your attitude determines your altitude”, “it is more risky, not to take a risk”,  “A big head without a big brain is a big load to the neck”, “If your faith says yes, God cannot say no.” Born 11th September 1938 in Benin City, Edo state Nigeria, the Archbishop Benson Idahosa was a man with a legacy yet to be surpassed by any.

As a baby, he was frail and sickly, and was said to have fainted so often, his father thought it was no use keeping him as he was bound to die. And as a result, he instructed his mother to dispose him in a rubbish heap.

However, shortly after his mother dropped him,  the little Benson began to cry, so she  took her son and headed back to her father’s house as she had received strict instructions from her husband not to bring the child back to home,

That little child who was left to die on a heap of rubbish grew up and was referred to by many as the man with ‘Fire in His bones’, taking the gospel to the ends of the earth, making disciples of many, fed the needy, raised the dead and did so may other great things. This great Apostle of faith remains a witness to the fact that with Faith, all things are possible.

He founded the Church of God Mission International in 1968 and the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute International which has raised over fourteen thousand great men and women of God spread across the Globe. He also established the Benson Idahosa University BIU) in Benin City, Edo State, Nigeria.

Sons of Benson Idahosa

One of the most impacting institutions established by the Archbishop Benson Idahosa during his life time is the All Nations for Christ Bible Institute International, established to raise Pastors and Evangelists to the Nations across the Globe.

Today, an Alumni Body of the Bible School has distinguished itself as ‘Sons of Benson Idahosa’ taking his Legacy beyond International Boundaries with a view to causing his voice to resonate through them  as they stand once again for the values he stood for.

His Protégés are spread across Africa and the world all over, preaching and teaching in characteristic manner that speaks boldly of their individual encounters with this great Apostle of the Pentecostal Faith.

From the Archbishop Duncan Williams, Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, Archbishop Charles Agyinasare, Bishop David Oyedepo, Papa Felix Omobude, Archbishop Sam Amaga, Apostle Dr. Zilly Aggrey, Dr. Fred Addo are but a few to name amongst thousands spread all over the world whose lives have been impacted in no small measure by the life and times of Archbishop Benson Idahosa of Blessed memory.

On a whatsapp platform of the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute International Alumni Association, (A.N.F.C.B.I.I.A.A), many shared their memories of the Late Apostle of faith while some reached out to the  Idahosa family with prayers and well wishes.

Bishop Jackson Tugbe from Liberia wrote ”He was a perfect example of how “Christ made us Kings – dignified with Royalty; and Priests – spiritual authorities with Dominion and Power,” according to Revelation 1:6. As he stood on GOD’S WORD, in his capacity as King or Royalty, his decrees and declarations were law, in both the spiritual and temporal. And as the Priest of GOD, his words and prayers went with divine authority; bringing spiritual soundness to the soul, body and spirit of mankind. The Legacy Speaks! “I and they, the LORD has given me, we are made for SIGNS and WONDERS!”

Apostle Dr. Zilly Aggrey wrote ”We Pray for Mama, Feb, Ruth, Daisy, Freda, the grand Children, the CGMi family worldwide, the BIU, the Word of Faith schools and all sons and daughters of Papa worldwide to be preserved, preach the gospel with power, have dominion where’ve they are in the globe.
Papa Idahosa lives!!!

Reverend Evelyn Osio wrote: ”This is our own time, this is our own season to take the REVIVAL FIRE to our world and humiliate anything called darkness setting people free from the power of darkness into the marvelous light of the sons and daughters of God. Our prayers today should be, ‘Lord make a greater than Idahosa out of me. ‘ REVIVAL FIRE IS NOT COMING, REVIVAL FIRE IS HERE AGAIN!

Apostle Joshua Olaoye also wrote:  ”The Legend and God’s field Marshal lives on. The Archbishop Prof. Benson Idahosa of blessed and fondest memories. “…and … He being dead yet speaketh” (Heb.11:4 )

Celebrating his Legacy

The Archbishop Benson Idahosa who died on March 12, 1998 is fondly remembered by his wife, Archbishop Margaret-Idahosa who joined thousands of people worldwide on Sunday to celebrate the memory of her husband. On her Facebook Page she celebrated the late icon of the Christian Faith and wrote:

“I join the world to celebrate our father and mission’s founder, whom we are his legacy. We celebrate his greatness. We celebrate his faith. We celebrate his wisdom. We celebrate his vision. The memory of the righteous is  blessed.”

Margaret Idahosa also shared a video clip of one of the messages of the late patriarch of faith. In the clip, Idahosa said, “If faith worked before it should work now. If it does not work now, there is no proof that it worked before.

“I love what God did with Moses, I love what he did with Abraham. I even love what he did with Shadrach Meshach and Abednego. But the greatest proof that God did anything with someone before is what he can do today.”


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