Becoming a Leader in Cameroon’s Home Delivery Services

Thanks to Bee, a delivery service, this wine company established in Cameroon has been able to keep its Douala clientele happy for the past six months through home deliveries.

Bee Moto Taxis drivers have become extremely useful for customers, who sometimes can’t spare the time to go out shopping.

Before the pandemic the owner Patrick Timani studied in Germany and became a computer engineer and a resident there.

Timani set up the motorcycle taxi part of the company and installed a local manager on one of his trips home. As the pandemic spread to Cameroon,

Timani realised he needed to develop the delivery part of his company – now known as Bee Delivery. Service ordering is done either via a mobile app or through a call centre.

A GPS service allows the company to monitor the performance of the delivery drivers. Less than a year after setting up Bee Delivery, the service has become so successful that Timani decided to leave Germany and return to Cameroon to guide the progress of his company.

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