ANFCBIIAA announces Sons of Benson Idahosa Conference (SOBIC) September 2022

Members of the All Nations For Christ Bible Institute International Alumni Association (A.N.F.C.B.I.I.A.A or ‘AA Global’ ) have disclosed that the Sons of Benson Idahosa Conference scheduled to hold in September later this year will be a convergence of every man and woman who’s life has been impacted on directly or indirectly by the Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory.

The announcement came at a press briefing following the inauguration of the Alumni by the President of the Church of God Mission International Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa over the weekend in Benin City. 

Vice Chairman of the Alumni also known as ‘AA Global’, Bishop Dr. Robertson Akwazi while speaking during the briefing disclosed that the Man Archbishop Benson Idahosa’s life and time is one that will continue to serve as a point of reference in the Church, not just in Nigeria but the world all over. And as such, it is unimaginable just how many great men and women of God today are expected to show up for the event which coincides with the week of his birthday. 

”We decided that since we are the Idahosas that you can see not only in Nigeria, but in Ghana, Liberia, Kenya, South Africa and the World all over, now is the time to cause his voice to be heard once again throughout the Land. And just as you heard the Archbishop during the inauguration service, we have been given a fresh mandate, and that is to raise men and women, to raise Leaders who will impact not just on the Church but as well on the society for good. ”

Apostle Joshua Olaoye seated right next to Bishop Akwazi highlighted the fact that the Bible Institute has birthed well over 15,000 Leaders spread across the globe, he stated that the Alumni Association is one that has come in good time, and as such the essence of its validation by the Archbishop Margaret Benson-Idahosa is one that cannot be overestimated. 

Another member of the AA Governing Body, Bishop Chris Otaigbe, added saying ”The Sons of Idahosa Conference is kick-starting a movement and it will be a yearly event. The conference will shake the Nation for good. Amongst the Sons of Benson Idahosa, we have Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, our immediate past PFN Chairman, Pa Omobude, Archbishop Nicolas Duncan Williams, we are bringing everybody together to cause his voice to be heard once again as we converge. If the man Benson Idahosa were here with us , a lot of the manifestations in our midst today would not have happened. ”

”The Provost of the School Dr. Habib Usman, added saying ” I believe in historical legacies, and Idahosa being a foundation Apostle, he set the platform for everyone to run through. And in terms of the school graduating 15,00 students, that is not a mean number. And saying this covers all seven continents of the world, is not an assumption, its a reality, because we have seen students from Australia, from India, currently we have students from America studying with us. We have seen students from all 32 countries in Africa come to study with us here in Benin city. 

”So the impact that All Nations has made in the sphere of Christianity, not just Pentecostalism, is not something that can be scribbled down with an academic pen. It is beyond our explanation. Those of us in our 40s and 50s will recall the proverbial saying ‘As poor as a church rat’, Those were the days when the Church was designated to be meant for poor people. With Archbishop Benson Idahosa coming into the center stage of Christianity, that expression no longer exists.

”It is noteworthy here to state that the introduction of prosperity doctrine to the church was necessitated by the fact that Nigeria had just come out from civil war because we know that Nigeria was in civil war when the church started. And Papa Idahosa was able to tell the church that we can come out of that poverty, and the rest is what you and I are able to attest to.”

The Sons of Benson Idahosa Conference (SOBIC) 2022 is scheduled to come up in September later this year, and is expected to attract participants from within and outside Nigeria as well as the world all over.

Highlights of Guest Speakers expected at the two-day event according to its Organizers include Papa Ayo Oritsejafor, Archbishop Duncan Williams from Ghana, Bishop David Oyedepo, and a host of other great men and women of God spread across the globe. 

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