Africa Medical Tourism Council, Ghana to showcase Premier Medical Institutions at Akwaaba African Travel Market, to give 10% discount to 100 delegates

Africa Medical Tourism Council (AMTC), Ghana for the first time will be represented by its top medical facilities at the 19th Akwaaba African Travel Market at the Eko Hotel in Lagos, Nigeria. This is just as the group announced that the first 100 people who travel to Ghana for medical tourism following their visit to the 19th Akwaaba African Travel Market will be eligible for 10% discounts on medical procedures.

According to by a press release by the council, this remarkable initiative is spearheaded by the AMTC to boost inter-continental health tourism within Africa. This exciting offer underscores Ghana’s commitment to providing exceptional healthcare services and ensuring that medical tourism is accessible and affordable for all.

From September 3rd to 5th, 2023, the event will provide an exclusive platform for Ghana’s leading medical institutions to exhibit their cutting-edge healthcare services and world-class facilities to an international audience. AMTC is the driving force behind a transformative journey that melds cutting-edge healthcare with the rich cultural tapestry of Africa. The Council consists of major hospitals in Ghana: The International Maritime Hospital (IMaH), The Bank Hospital, The University of Ghana Medical Centre LTD (UGMC), LuccaHealth, Britannia Medical Health Center, Jubail Specialist Hospital, Bethel Dental, & Adansi Health Tourism.

It assembles the forefront of healthcare excellence in Ghana, formed of institutions set apart by their compassionate care and cutting-edge medical expertise. All based in or around Accra and Ghana’s other metropolises contribute to the nation’s prominent presence in the West African healthcare industry.

The country has achieved significant progress in healthcare access, as seen by its approximately 4,000 healthcare institutions, which include hospitals and clinics. Ghana’s dedication to healthcare education is evident, with more than medical schools and several nursing and midwifery training facilities ensuring a consistent supply of competent experts. Ghana’s pioneering National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) covers over 40% of the population, providing critical financial protection and access to essential healthcare services. This effort has produced outstanding health effects, including a life expectancy of around 63 years. Ghana’s healthcare successes serve as a model for West African nations seeking to strengthen their healthcare sectors, cementing its leadership in the regional healthcare scene.

The Council is the realization of a shared commitment to enhance global access to the continent’s exceptional medical services, and the Council members truly stand as catalysts for change, fostering collaborations that transcend borders on a mission to reshape the healthcare landscape in Africa as we know it. Dr. Appiah-Sakyi, who is the CEO of Britannia Medical Centre also doubles as the president of the Council. The Chairman of the council is His Excellency Mr.
Thomas Okyere. Other members of this august council include Mr. Emmanuel Frimpong and Mr Paul Mensah.

Convening for the first time in Lagos, Nigeria, this conference is a huge step to a unified front of Pan-African medical tourism. Visitors to the Ghana Pavilion at the 19th Akwaaba African Travel Market can expect to learn about the latest advancements in medical treatments, state-of-the-art facilities, and the world-class expertise that Ghana offers. From specialized surgeries to wellness programs and traditional medicine, Ghana’s medical institutions have diverse offerings catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare needs.

The Ghanaian delegation is excited to engage with attendees, network with industry experts, and share insights on how Ghana’s healthcare sector can play a pivotal role in the continent’s medical tourism landscape.

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