7 Stars Inter-Global Property Chairman Advocates Inclusivity for persons Living With Disabilities

In a bid to promote equal opportunities and inclusivity for People Living With Disabilities (PLWDs), the Chairman of 7 Stars Inter-Global Property, Ambassador Moses Chukwuma Ezenwaka, has emphasized the importance of supporting these special individuals to contribute to nation-building.

Ambassador Ezenwaka stressed the need for stakeholders to continuously extend support to PLWDs and enable them to make meaningful contributions to society. As part of this commitment, a special Easter party was organized at Pluto 10 Hotel in Onosa Lekki, Lagos, to bring smiles to the faces of 80 PLWDs and children.

During the event, food items and cash gifts were presented to members of the foundation to assist them in their daily lives. Ambassador Ezenwaka appealed to governments and society at large to provide adequate support for PLWDs, acknowledging that unforeseen circumstances could lead to disability through accidents, old age, diseases, or other ailments.

He emphasized the importance of empathy rather than pity towards PLWDs, citing his personal connection with Kelly Blind, a blind individual giving back to others in the blind community. Ambassador Ezenwaka expressed solidarity with the Inner Eyes Foundation, led by Ambassador Kelly Blind, highlighting the need for social equity and inclusion of disabled individuals in society.

Ambassador Kelly Blind echoed the call for prioritizing the rights and welfare of PLWDs, emphasizing the need for gainful employment, education, vocational training, and equal opportunities for all regardless of physical abilities. He lamented the neglect and discrimination faced by over 23 million disabled individuals in Nigeria, urging the government and corporate bodies to address these issues urgently.

Furthermore, the Inner Eyes Foundation celebrated the indomitable spirit of individuals with disabilities and their remarkable contributions to entrepreneurship and society. However, recent challenges, such as the illegal demolition of buildings belonging to members in Ibeju Lekki, have highlighted the ongoing struggles faced by PLWDs.

Mrs. Ekaete William, the women leader of the foundation, emphasized the resilience and strength of PLWDs, urging the government to provide better support and opportunities for them. She appreciated the support from 7 Stars Inter-Global Property, Mr. Sunday Eze, stakeholders, and friends for their generous contributions to the foundation, especially during these difficult times.

As the foundation stands resolute in addressing the plights of its members and advocating for their rights, it calls on the Lagos State government and relevant authorities to urgently address the challenges faced by PLWDs and ensure their well-being and inclusion in society.

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