100 Days In Office: Nigeria’s Sports Minister Enoh Weighed Down By Funding, Logistics Challenges

Minister of Sports Senator John Enoh has identified inadequate funding and logistics among the major hurdles he faced in his first 100 days in office according to Media reports. Senator Enoh who marks exactly 100 days in office today (Wednesday, November 29, 2023) remains undeterred, emphasizing that the long-term benefits of investing in grassroots sports far outweigh the present challenges.

With 100 days gone since his appointment as Nigeria’s Minister of Sports Development, Senator Enoh has taken enormous responsibility with vigour and vitality.

He is of the view that the subsector of grassroots development is an area that has always needed attention in Nigerian sports. How has Enoh performed in 100 days?

His scorecard might not have yielded much but there is every possibility that the future of sports in the country is bright, and Nigerians will start witnessing the gains of the investments in a few years to come. His emphasis on grassroots development showed a man with a vision. The highs of his achievements are analysed below.

  1. Rejuvenating the mission of the National Youth Games

While this may sound ordinary it was important for an authority to resolve default settings as to the purpose of the game.NYG which was for young talents was becoming a “win at all costs” tournament with states using average athletes. The minister enforced an age cap of 15 years for the games with over 35 sports featured at the games.

He ordered that the National Youth Games be made open exclusively for athletes who are 15 years old and below with the aim of producing the next Osimhen, Tobi Amusan, Funke Oshonaike and Aruna Quadri.

  1. Schools’ sports for grassroots talent identification programs across schools, communities and rural areas

This initiative aims to ensure that no building talents goes unnoticed. Senator Enoh has often expressed his determination to return the glory of national schools’ sports championships. He said the Ministry of Sports will collaborate with the Federal Ministry of Education because they are going to be necessary partners in this. He has followed this up with a visit to Nigerian Breweries, a critical funding partner of school sports in the years past.

  1. Coaching and education

Investing in the training and development of coaches is fundamental. According to the minister, the importance of nurturing skilled trainers who can effectively mould young athletes and inculcate in them a passion for sportsmanship and discipline. Senator Enoh followed up with action when he wooed a renowned sports innovation hub owned by FC Barcelona. When he attended the World Football Summit. The hub expressed readiness to work with Nigeria. They are known for their expertise in coaching education, sports business, science as well as related technology and innovation.

  1. Grassroots competitions

To provide a platform for showcasing emerging young talents. There are plans to organize local and regional competitions. These will foster healthy competitions but also serve as a stage for scouts for talent hunters

  1. Collaboration and partnership

Senator ENOH has been at the forefront of building collaborations with various stakeholders including sports federations, corporate entities and NGOs to amplify the impact of these initiatives and ensure sustained support for grassroots sports.

What has been impressive about Enoh’s first 100 days in office is his constant reiteration of the private sector as the fulcrum of sports sponsorship

With a resolute commitment to nurturing young talents and bolstering infrastructure at the foundational level of sports, Senator Enoh’s strategic approach is poised to chart a new trajectory for Nigerian sports.

One obvious thing about the minister’s slow but steady approach is that Nigeria sports will blossom by the time the well-planned logistics investment starts yielding fruits. It’s a win-win for Nigeria with the proper execution of the laudable program of Senator John Enoh. Source: Complete Sports

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